B.C. Money Launderers More Likely To Be Convicted In The U.S. Than At Home

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Over the past decade, more than a dozen B.C. residents have been charged and convicted in the United States of money laundering.

Canadians have faced more justice south of the border for cleaning illicit profits than they have at home, including Ariel Savein, who was moving cash for a Mexican cartel, and Omid Mashinchi, who pleaded guilty last year in Boston to laundering B.C. drug money,

Police experts say that sometimes it’s more effective to turn over evidence they have collected in Canada to their U.S. counterparts, who have a better chance of conviction.

In fact, a Postmedia investigation has revealed that successful money laundering prosecutions in B.C. are rare.

But some lawyers who specialize in extradition believe Canadians accused of committing cross-border crimes like money laundering or drug trafficking should be held accountable in this country.

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