Banks Told to Watch For Signs of ‘Extremist Travellers’ Returning to Canada

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Canada’s financial intelligence agency warned banks on Thursday to watch for signs that foreign terrorist fighters may be trying to return home from places like Syria and Iraq.

The reactivation of a dormant bank account linked to an “extremist traveller” may indicate that he or she is preparing to come back to Canada, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC) said.

Unusual money transfers and new sources of income such as employment or social assistance could also be indicators, FINTRAC said in its first-ever Terrorism Financing Assessment.

“While extremist travellers may remain in the conflict zone after the conflict subsides, some attempt to return home or try to go to a third country,” the report said. “This stage is critical in terms of public safety, since returning extremist travellers may bring their combat experience and connections to terrorist groups home.”

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