Benfica Club President Named Suspect in Corruption Probe

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Portugal’s prosecutors on Wednesday named the head of football club Benfica, Luis Filipe Vieira, as a formal suspect in an investigation into a corruption scheme, the second high-profile inquiry to involve the Lisbon club in less than a week.

The prosecutor general’s office said Benfica Vice President Fernando Tavares was also a suspect in the case, along with a high-ranking judge and nine other people, five of whom were detained in a police operation on Tuesday.

The prosecutor’s office said the investigation focused on “suspicions of receiving undue advantages, or possibly corruption, money laundering, influence peddling and tax fraud,” but would not provide specific details.

The prosecutors said the investigation is linked to a long-running case that involves former Benfica director Jose Veiga, who was detained in 2016 on suspicions of corruption and money laundering in his business dealings in various countries, from Portugal to Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Gabon.

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