Bermuda: Beneficial Ownership Register To Remain Secret

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Bermuda’s register of beneficial company ownership cannot be released under the island’s public access to information law, according to a decision due to come out today.

Gitanjali Gutierrez, the information commissioner, said the Bermuda Monetary Authority was right to refuse The Royal Gazette access to the register after a public access to information request was made in February 2017.

The BMA denied the request on the grounds that the secrecy provision in section 31(1) of the Bermuda Monetary Authority Act prohibited disclosure.

The authority said in its denial letter: “Under that provision, the servants and agents of the authority shall preserve and aid in preserving secrecy with regard to all matters relating to the affairs of the Government of Bermuda or the Bermuda Monetary Authority or of any person that may come to his knowledge in the course of his duties.

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