Billions Of Kronor May Have Been Laundered Through Major Swedish Bank

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One of Sweden’s major banks is thought to have been used for the laundering of millions of kronor over a period of several years.

The suspected laundering at Swedbank could be linked to a major scandal at Danske Bank and other money laundering cases, according to the investigation by public broadcaster SVT.

According to SVT, 50 customers who exhibited “clear warning signals” that they may be involved in money laundering transferred around 40 billion kronor ($4.3 billion) between Swedbank and Danske Bank.

Preliminary charges were brought against the Danish lender last winter and it could face heavy fines over the suspected laundering, which is being investigated by authorities in France, Denmark and the US.

Some 200 billion euros, the bulk of which appears to have come from uncertain sources, was channelled through Danske’s Estonian branch between 2007 and 2015.

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