Europol: Spanish Money Laundering Network Fronting as Kebab Meat Supplier Dismantled by Police

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The Spanish Guardia Civil led a police operation against an international criminal organisation that resulted in 5 arrests and pressing charges against 15 persons. The targeted organisation operating both in Germany and Spain was involved in money laundering activities. The criminal enterprise used a network of food establishments to conceal their activities, fronting as kebab meat suppliers.

Guardia Civil’s investigations, supported by Europol, began in summer 2015 when police agents from the Barcelona-El Prat airport discovered that money was a being sent from Spain to Germany on a weekly basis. Running its activities from Barcelona and Alicante, the criminal organisation was transferring large sums of money between the two countries, ranging from 90 000 to 200 000 EUR (and on occasion up to 300 000 EUR). The money laundering criminal structure justified the transfers to the airport authorities as payments of Spanish companies to a German company for kebab meat supply. The investigation revealed that the Spanish companies did not even run real commercial activities.

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