Ex-Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Money Laundering

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A former Secret Service agent has been sentenced to an additional two years in prison for money laundering after he allegedly stole bitcoins from a digital wallet belonging to the U.S. government.

Shaun Bridges pleaded guilty in August 2017 while already serving a 71-month sentence for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin captured from the dark web drug site Silk Road.

Over a year ago, federal authorities strongly suggested in court filings that, in 2015, after Bridges had left the Secret Service and after he had already signed his first guilty plea, he had illegally transferred to himself more than 1,600 bitcoins. Those bitcoins had previously been seized by federal authorities from Bitstamp, a European Bitcoin exchange, which later challenged the seizure.

The August 2017 court filing specifically says that Bridges “laundered the funds stolen from the United States government by moving the funds out of the BTC-e account and into other various online wallets and accounts.”

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