Feds: 3 Detroit-Area Men Funneled $88 Million to Yemen, China

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The federal government has busted an international cash-delivery scheme in metro Detroit, where three men have been charged with secretly funneling $88 million to Yemen, China and other countries by creating phony businesses whose only purpose was to move cash overseas.

And they were careful not to get caught, prosecutors allege, saying the men never disclosed where the money came from, where it was going or who “its true beneficiaries” were.

According to an indictment filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Fahd Samaha, 45, and Maged Alsabahi, 29, and others ran a scheme from 2013 through 2015. They created multiple fake businesses by using the addresses of vacant buildings, storefronts or residences and used “straw business owners” or “fronts” to help send $63 million to various countries, including Yemen and China.

In a separate indictment, Omar Alhalmi, 38, is charged with running a similar scheme, accused of wiring more than $22.3 million to Yemen and other countries by using 13 phony business bank accounts between 2011-16. He had to create many businesses because the banks, the indictment said, continued to shut down the accounts associated with his large cash money transfers.

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