Former EU Commissioner’s Daughters, Others to be Charged With Money Laundering

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Two daughters of former EU Commissioner and Maltese politician John Dalli, along with four others, are expected to be arraigned to face money laundering charges and other offenses.

Louise Dalli and her sister Claire Gauci Borda are allegedly connected to two companies that swindled a group of elderly American investors out of their life savings by falsely stating their money would be used to fund African miners supposedly unable to get financing from banks.

The companies used in the scam, Tyre Ltd and Corporate Group, are registered at John Dalli’s address and the directors and shareholders of the latter company are Louise Dalli and Gauci Borda.

Also implicated in the case is alleged fraudster Mary Swan (real name Corbin), who accompanied then EU Commissioner Dalli on a number of dubious trips to the Bahamas in 2012 to discuss “charitable” investment opportunities.

A spokesperson for the group of defrauded investors had told this newsroom that the investment plan was offered to them by an intermediary acting on behalf of alleged international fraudster Mary Swan.

Swan is believed to have operated a Ponzi scheme, which is believed to have run into millions, and with the money being filtered through Tyre Ltd and Corporate Group, from a Sliema apartment. The property was raided by the police in May 2015.

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