Former MetroHealth COO Sentenced for Racketeering

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Former Chief Operating Officer of The MetroHealth System, Dr. Edward Hills, was sentenced on Wednesday to 15 years in prison for bribery.

Hills was convicted of taking thousands of dollars in bribes and illegally using hospital resources for his side business. According to prosecutors, MetroHealth dentists paid Hills kickbacks in exchange for bonuses and referrals of MetroHealth patients to private clinics where they also had financial interests. Hills also allowed MetroHealth dentists to work at one of the clinics on hospital time.

In July, Hills and former MetroHealth dentists Sari Alqsous, Yazan Al-Madani and Tariq Sayeg were found guilty of charges including racketeering, mail fraud, bribery, receipt of kickbacks, obstruction of justice, and tax charges.

The recommended sentence for Hills was 24 to 30 years, but the judge sentenced him to 15 years due to his age and the unlikelihood that Hills would reoffend. Hills was also offered to pay restitution.

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