Honduran President’s Brother Admits To Knowing Drug Lords

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A brother of the president of Honduras admitted to U.S. federal agents that he’d accepted presents from violent drug traffickers he’d known for years and once asked Honduran officials about money the government allegedly owed the traffickers.

Recently unsealed documents show what Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández told agents last November, after he was arrested at Miami International Airport on his way back to Honduras.

In the 56-page transcript of testimony, the former Honduran congressman sheds new light on the corruption and close relationship between the government and drug-trafficking rings like Los Valle and Los Cachiros, accused by the U.S. government of being among the world’s most dangerous transnational criminal networks, to “flood American streets with deadly drugs.”

In the unsealed statement, Hernández says that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández warned him over the phone about the bad company he kept. Hernández said the president told him “that I was going to wind up dead or compromising the people I hanged around with.” On another occasion the president also told him: “Well, if there is anything (drug-related) it’s going to be your problem.”

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