Lima Hosts International Convention to Fight Organized Crime and Corruption

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Prosecutors and attorney generals from 20 countries gathered in Lima last week to discuss improvements to judicial cooperation in the investigation of transnational organized crime.

Representatives from the U.S., Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Andorra and most of Latin America attended the three-day convention in Lima, hosted by Pablo Sanchez, Attorney General of Peru.

“Often [organized crime] is embedded within the State itself, in important spaces of the country, and we need to firmly remove them,” said Sanchez as he addressed the room.

Methods were discussed and exchanged to prosecute crime in four areas: corruption of officials, money laundering, organized crime and recovery of assets. Sanchez stressed the importance of international cooperation in the legal battles against organized crime as he highlights that prosecutors defending legality must go one step further and fight together. A united front will help prevent different forms of crime that transcend borders.

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