Microsoft Engineer Charged With Money Laundering Over Ransomware

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A Microsoft employee has been arrested on suspicion of infecting victims with the Reveton ransomware, and money laundering.

Forty-one year-old Raymond Uadiale, who worked as a network engineer for the software giant, faces a 20-year federal prison sentence for playing a key role in the global ransomware campaign, if found guilty.

Between 2012 and 2013, it is believed that the Microsoft engineer teamed up with a British hacker – dubbed K!NG – to prey on people using the Reveton ransomware.

Law enforcement officials explained that the UK citizen installed the ransomware onto victim’s computers, while Uadiale looked after the financial side. He would transfer payments to K!NG.

Reveton is one of the earliest strains of ransomware. When a cyber criminal installs it into someone’s computer, their screen is instantly locked and they cannot gain re-entry until they pay a ransom fee.

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