Pakistan PM’s daughter in corruption probe crosshairs

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An investigation into the finances of Pakistan’s first family has threatened the political career of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam has raised her public profile in recent years and is seen as Nawaz Sharif’s heir apparent.

Since the 2016 release of the Panama Papers, leaked documents of a Panamanian law firm that detailed the organizational structure of hundreds of thousands of offshore companies, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been examining the financial dealings of Sharif’s family after their names appeared as owners of at least four offshore companies set up in the British Virgin Islands. These companies were allegedly used to purchase luxury flats in London.

“It nips her career in the bud,” Sherry Rehman, vice president of the opposition Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), told Reuters. “It does kill any aspirations for the dynasty – through her at any rate.”

The Joint Investigations Team (JIT) set up by the court alleges the Sharif family’s wealth does not match their income, and accused Maryam and her brothers of signing forged documents to obscure ownership of offshore companies used to buy posh London flats.

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