Police Allege ‘Crime Family’ Busted In Mob Raid Laundered More Than $70M Through Ontario Casinos

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Members of an Ontario ‘crime family’ with alleged ties to the Italian Mafia laundered more than $70 million in dirty money through provincial casinos in “just a few short years,” according to new allegations made by York Regional Police.

The allegations were made Thursday at a news conference announcing the arrest of nine people in connection to one of Canada’s largest-ever organized crime busts.

“This allowed for large quantities of money to be gambled where there would be a minimal loss incurred. The subjects could then leave with thousands of dollars each night, under the guise of successful casino play.”

According to Mattinen, reports received from casinos as part of the investigation suggested the criminal organization was able to “clean in excess of $70 million” through Ontario casinos over the past few years.

Read the original article here: globalnews.ca

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