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RDC (Regulatory DataCorp, Inc.) is committed to safeguarding the personally identifiable information it receives from its subscribers and from publicly available sources. To that end, RDC has certified its compliance with the US/EU Safe Harbor framework, including the privacy principles and frequently asked questions, recognized by the European Union as assuring an adequate level of protection for personal data. Learn more about theUS/EU Safe Harbor Program.

This privacy policy is intended to inform you about the kinds of personal information we collect, how we collect and safeguard that information, and how we use that information.

RDC collects personal information about individuals from three different sources:

Internet Information: When you visit the RDC web site, the web site automatically logs certain technical information, including: your IP address, the date and time of your visit to the RDC site, and information about the browser you use. Unless you specifically provide personal information about yourself (e.g. by giving us your name and address as part of a request for information) RDC does not use this information to identify you.

Subscriber Data: Financial institutions that have entered into Subscription Agreements with RDC (“Subscribers”) send RDC the names of their customers. Some of the customers identified by Subscribers are companies or other legal entities and some are individual consumers.

Public Records and Publicly Available Data: In response to a Subscriber’s request, RDC collects information from public records databases (“Public Records”) and from reputable publicly available sources (“Publicly Available Data”) and makes that information available to the requesting Subscriber. RDC does not co-mmingle Public Records and Publicly Available Data with any non-public information, and does not make any findings or other qualitative judgments with respect to this data. Nor does RDC use this information to rank or score identifiable individuals.

Information Use and Disclosure
RDC uses personally identifiable information provided by you in order to respond to your questions and/or requests for information. Otherwise, RDC uses Internet Information (described above) collected at our web site in aggregate form only, in order to understand how people use the RDC web site and how we can enhance our products and services. This information is retained for a limited period of time (usually less than six months) and is not disclosed to third parties except as required by law.

RDC uses Subscriber Data to maintain a Subscriber’s account and respond to a Subscriber’s request for information. Subscribers may use this information to comply with legal and regulatory obligations related to preventing and detecting money laundering, terrorism, and other criminal activity. RDC may disclose Subscriber Data to third party service providers under terms and conditions designed to safeguard Subscriber Data and ensure that it is used in accordance with this policy. RDC does not otherwise disclose Subscriber Data except as required by law or as needed to respond to valid legal process and to establish, assert or defend our legal rights.

RDC provides Public Records and Publicly Available Data to its Subscribers so that they are better able to comply with legal and regulatory obligations related to preventing and detecting money laundering, terrorism, and other criminal activity. RDC maintains a record of the public records and publicly available data that it provides to Subscribers for these purposes, but does not compile reports or maintain profiles about individuals that are the subject of a Subscriber request.

Under its agreement with Subscribers, RDC must protect Subscriber Data from unauthorized use and disclosure. RDC uses proven security methods and procedures designed to safeguard Subscriber Data during transmission and storage.

Data Integrity
RDC takes commercially reasonable steps to ensure that data is reliable, accurate, complete, and current for its intended purpose, primarily by accessing Public Records and Publicly Available Data from reputable sources only. RDC does not evaluate, rank, or score search results, nor does it make qualitative judgments with respect to those findings.
Data Access

The information provided by RDC to its Subscribers consists exclusively of “publicly available information” within the meaning of the Safe Harbor framework. You may obtain a copy of this information from its public source. RDC acts only as a processor of Subscriber Data. For information about your financial institution’s use of your name for legal and regulatory compliance purposes, please contact your financial institution.

Enforcement and Dispute Resolution
If you have questions or concerns about RDC’s privacy policies, please contact us by sending an email to, or by using the contact information listed below.

RDC has also agreed to cooperate with relevant data protection authorities to resolve disputes about its compliance with this policy. More information about these oversight and dispute resolution processes are available from your local data protection authority.
Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding RDC’s privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Manager via telephone at 888-533-1181; via email at; or write to us at Regulatory DataCorp, Inc., 2540 Renaissance Blvd., Suite 200, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Effective Date/ Modifications
This Privacy Policy is effective as of 24 January 2003. RDC reserves the right to modify this policy from time to time and will post such changes on our web site.

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