Thieves Target Pot Industry Across California — And L.A. — In New Crime Wave

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Los Angeles is no stranger to the recent crime wave targeting California’s booming cannabis industry.

It’s now commonly known that the neighborhoods around cannabis dispensaries tend to be safer than their counterparts due to features like security guards, surveillance, and good lighting. But a recent wave of crime across the state is proving the giant piles of cash that bankless retailers are forced to hold on to are luring criminals looking for a quick big score.

The year has seen numerous robberies in The Emerald Triangle, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles, and all points in between. These have included stick-up kids getting away with 20 pounds of flower with a retail value of $156,000 and the cracking of a  safe by someone a bit more technically adept in a separate incident. That latter effort was said to score $161,000 destined to be taxes. Sacramento industry insiders say two places were hit in the same night.

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